Krista Boulding ~ Personal Trainer, Kettlebell Instructor, Nutrition Coach

Krista Boulding is based in Campbell River, BC, Canada. She is a canfitpro certified Personal Trainer, Agatsu certified Kettlebell Instructor, and OKC Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor. She’s also a Holistic Nutritionist through The Edison Institute and a Level 2 Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition. Krista offers Kettlebell fitness classes in small group settings, and sees clients one on one for personal training. Krista also provides private nutrition consultations, and offers a variety of nutrition based lectures throughout the year. Krista is passionate about all things related to food, life, and fitness. She provides a supportive and comfortable environment for every one, at every fitness and nutrition level.

Check out her MindBody Home Page for more class information

Krista is the authority on kettle bell training/instruction in the Campbell River community. Don’t settle for less. Go see her!

Joanna F.

…I was expecting a cookie cutter printout on a meal plan and workout routine. It’s more than that! She gets personal and shares her knowledge to help you understand your body and how it works to make a lifestyle change, not just tell you what to eat.

Stacey G.

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