Joanna’s Testimonial

I’d tried so many different diets and eating plans throughout the years and nothing had proved sustainable long-term. I was packing a few extra pounds around, feeling pretty sluggish and tired (especially about 2pm), not really getting the most out my workouts, and feeling an overall sense of food boredom. I wasn’t stimulated or fulfilled with what I was preparing and eating and I knew I needed to do something. I was living off foods that were not helping me to be healthier, but actually holding me back.

I knew the lifestyle changes I really wanted to make:

1. Lose a bit of extra body weight and keep it off

2. Fuel my body to feel good all day and maximize my work outs.

3. Feel excited about cooking and eating again and not have to follow complex meal plans with expensive or hard to find items that the rest my family disliked.

I was already taking fitness classes with Krista (KB Strength and Wellness) that I really enjoyed, so naturally when she offered a food component to the fitness training I was instantly on board.

So the rules……Mindfully eat whole/clean/real foods (and lots of them). Reduce or eliminate processed and useless foods. Exercise however and whenever you can. Yep, that’s pretty much the gist of it. Krista was awesome at shedding some light on what our bodies really need and how we can work towards better health just by eating differently. We did fun challenges, goal setting, weekly/daily/hourly check-ins (either in person or through our private chat group), swapped healthy recipes, and shared experiences of how the lifestyle changes had impacted us and our families. The great part about this is that it is so EASY! I met my personal goals within about two months of working with Krista and sustaining the changes has not been difficult at all. I would encourage anyone wanting to make healthy changes to check out Krista’s Kettlebell classes and try a nutrition challenge – you won’t be disappointed!

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