Laura’s Testimonial

I started taking classes through KB strength & Wellness shortly after having my second child. I
had gained 40 pounds and wasn’t making any progress shedding the weight because I was
having trouble committing myself 100% to a healthy diet and regular workouts. So I signed up
for one month, 2 classes a week at a time that fit my schedule and from that first class I loved it
and haven’t stopped! In the beginning it was not easy, I’d be sore for days, but Krista is such an
inspiration to watch with a kettlebell and you can really tell she has passion for what she
teaches which is incredibly contagious. Krista is a very knowledgeable and supportive instructor,
always giving alternative exercises for those with injuries or “just not there yet” and she always
has her eye out for correct form in anything we do.
Now 10 months later the baby weight is gone plus some! And kettlebell is the only thing I’ve
done religiously this entire time. Yes my diet has cleaned up (Krista has fantastic tips), yes I
exercise more but I get bored easily so I go through phases of things but not kettlebell. Krista
makes sure each class is totally different from the last (we have gone months without doing the
same exercises), I can still feel my kettlebell form improve and most importantly each class is
still a challenge even though I’m that much more athletic!

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