Welcome to my Future!

new beginnings

Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog! I’m really excited to begin this journey. My intention is to use this space to discuss anything related to nutrition and fitness, but most specifically to eating whole foods for optimal performance, and of course, training with kettlebells. So keep an eye out for a new posts.

I’m starting a blog because I’ve realized I just have so much to say! And being a shy introvert by nature, writing has always come more easily to me than speaking. This was just made clear by my shaky hands and voice during a recent 30 min nutrition lecture. But I continue to challenge myself by committing to these public speaking ventures in hopes that one day it will come with ease. In the meantime, I will stick to writing. Funny thing though, you put a kettlebell in my hand and my confidence soars 🙂 Interesting…Perhaps next time I will hold a kettlebell while I speak publicly? 😉

So here I am, with the start of my new blog. A quick introduction, in case you don’t already know: I’m a registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor. I’m also a Personal Trainer and Certified Kettlebell Instructor. I’ve owned KB Strength & Wellness for a little over a year now, and will soon be doing this full time! After 14 years at Healthyway Natural Foods, I am stepping away to pursue my dreams of nutrition consulting, kettlebell training, writing, lecturing, and just generally being awesome! 

So thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks so much for your support. 

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