A Day in the Life of a Veg Addict


I’m in the Okanagan right now, visiting family. It is a true paradise for someone who loves to eat local, fresh, nutrient rich vegetables and fruits. My family is astounded at the amount I eat 🙂 I’ve become acutely aware of how different my lifestyle choices are. When you live in your little world, in the privacy of your home, you don’t notice these things. It’s just everyday life. For a flash of a moment I almost felt embarrassed at the quantity I was eating. But then I realized how crazy that is. Never ever feel bad about piling more vegetables on your plate! I eat predominantly a ‘Paleo’ type diet. Not because it’s trendy, not because it’s some kind of magic fat loss diet, but because it makes me feel good. It focuses on whole foods, healthy fats, excellent sources of protein, fibre, and loads of vegetables. And when you forgo the bun for your burger, the rice side dish, the cereal, or pasta, you leave so much room for high quality, nutrient dense foods.

As someone who has dealt with emotional issues around food from a very young age, I struggle with this. I battle with the sense of being judged for what I eat, being concerned about what others think, feeling self conscious at the size of my plate. It’s unfortunate and very sad to know that I am not alone in this battle. It’s a very common thing, especially amongst women. But adopting this style of eating has really helped me deal with these issues. Because the foods you eat are so nutritious, the body and mind feel satisfied and content. It’s not a cure all, as you can see, I still struggle. But it is definitely a step in the right direction. I’m not saying everyone needs to eat a Paleo diet, but I do believe everyone should be eating a vegetable based diet! No matter what you have on your plate, and no matter how much food you have piled on it, make vegetables your main focus.

And seriously, if you get a chance, come to the Okanagan valley! It’s such a beautiful place to be. And did I mention they’re pretty famous for their wine too? 😉

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