Food is just food

Please excuse me while I hop on my soap box for awhile.

Why do women feel that the answer to their fat loss troubles are expensive programs with prepackaged products that take away their freedom of choice, that forces restrictions, counts calories, undernourishes, and deprives?

Why are we taking this reductionist view and seeing food as only macronutrients and calories? Why can’t we just see food as food? Suddenly we are eating only carbs, fats, and proteins, not food. Hey it doesn’t matter what you’re putting in your body, as long as it fits into your macro count for the day! Who cares what type of food your consuming, just as long as it squeezes into your paltry 1500 calorie allowance! I don’t know what to eat so I will drink some powder concoction and call that a meal! How have we become so afraid of food? How have we become so untrusting of our own bodies that we can’t count on them letting us know what they really want and need? We think that if we stop and listen, our bodies will simply cry for ice cream, chips, chocolate, and cookies.

The media teaches us that we have to portion control, count our calories, and eat premade snacks and shakes OR WE WILL FAIL. They charge ridiculous amounts of money and rob you of your self worth, intuition, and trust. They do nothing to further your understanding of what a healthy diet really is. They are absolutely unsustainable either from a financial point of view, or from a mental one. We can’t possibly deprive ourselves forever right? And what happens when we stop? We revert back to our old ways because that’s what we’re familiar with. And if you lost weight on your diet expedition, you most likely gain it all back and maybe more. All the while digging yourself deeper into metabolic derangement.

So, what is a better choice? EAT REAL FOOD! Ok, I know, you’re rolling your eyes because you’re like “Well what the f*#@* do you mean?? Eat real food, I DO eat FOOD dammit! Does it come in a package? Does it have a health claim or calorie count on it? Does it have a long ingredient list? Food is simple. It is what it is. Broccoli is just broccoli. Apples, celery, almonds, salmon, rice, these are food. They take time to prep, they are nutrient dense, they are real.

Shhhhhhh, stop and listen. You know what your body needs. You do! We are not so disconnected that we can’t hear the deep cellular desire for nutrients. Yes, it can take some practice. It may take time, and you may confuse the message and really honestly believe your body needs chocolate like right NOW! And that’s OK. Eat it and move on. I am acutely aware of the problem with food addiction, specifically sugar. I understand the struggles many women go through. I’m not demeaning any of that. That is real, that is hard. But it still comes down to this point of listening to the body and nourishing it, trusting, and loving it. And believe me, feeding your body artificial portion controlled food-like products is not the answer!

So, bottom line. Don’t fall for the sales pitch of marketers trying to get you to buy into the latest fat loss trend. Fat loss is HARD! I’m not going to lie. And it takes some tweaking and changing the amounts and types of foods you eat. But, I promise you, sustainable, HEALTHY fat loss, will ONLY come from eating REAL FOOD. It will not come from the empty tub of powder you’ve been drinking every day while yearning for a handful of nuts instead 😉

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