Toni Monique

Almost 2 years ago I started training with kettlebells through Krista at KB Strength and Wellness, since that first day my life has forever changed.  I had always been active in some sort of way but mostly just a cardio junkie.  During my first class I remember feeling so satisfied learning to swing the bell, like I was swinging away stress from the day.  I felt empowered by the bell but more importantly I felt empowered by Krista.  She showed me proper form and encouraged me to keep coming to class.  I was miserable at the time. I had eczema, I was constantly tired and moody, I had no energy for my kids, I was weak.  After a consult from Krista, she suggested I might be suffering from adrenal fatigue. Krista compassionately guided me through the steps I needed to recover from adrenal fatigue, which is more common than anyone really knows.

I remember getting so much energy from coming to class with Krista and the other women that started the first circle of ‘kettlebell’ers’.  I started feeling better with attending 2-3 classes per week. In July 2014, Krista offered a challenge to her clients.  A 30 day “eat whole foods” challenge.  This is where the real magic started.  I joined the challenge.  I cut out dairy, gluten, refined sugar and based my entire diet around eating whole foods.  My eczema disappeared, I became happier, more energetic and motivated.  I learned so much about my body and what feels good in it.  What kind of food gives me life and what kind does not.  Still, almost 2 years later, I am 100% gluten free, mostly dairy and refined sugar free.  I have learned so much from Krista and her on-going nutrition lectures.  She provides solid information for anyone wanting to make the transition to a more whole food way of eating.  Her advice and ideas are endless.  She really knows her stuff!
Now, January 2016, I have never felt better.  I feel strong, balanced, mobile and still very motivated.  Since joining Krista at KB Strength and Wellness I have been so fortunate to be a part of her team.  I have climbed Mount Kusam with the Kettlebella Team. I have participated in a kettlebell fundraising event, the one hour long cycle, for autism awareness.  I have thoroughly enjoyed sitting through numerous nutrition lectures and sweating through hundreds of classes.  Krista has become my mentor.  I can swing a 20kg bell very comfortably, I can deadlift 2 x 24kg bells, I can do renegade rows with excellent form, and my push up has gotten so strong! I can do a double front squat with 2 bells, I can hang off a bar to test my grip strength. I have more shoulder stability and hip mobility than I ever thought I would.  Coming to class is an integral part of my week.  The vibe at KB Strength and Wellness is like no other gym I have been to.  You walk through the door to a place of acceptance, encouragement, knowledge and of course kettlebells.  I highly recommend anyone who wants to become strong and empowered through nutrition and fitness to give Krista a call.
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