Is the fat in your coffee making you fat?


Butter and MCT (coconut) oil in your coffee, whipped into submission. Creating a frothy, creamy, to-die-for morning beverage. Everyone is jumping on the fat filled coffee bandwagon. Bulletproof coffee, created by Dave Asprey, is hitting the world by storm. It’s popping up in coffee shops all over the place. Everyone is whipping it up in their kitchen’s each morning, including myself!

So what’s the deal, is it good for you? Well, yes….and no.

The problem is we’re taking this beverage out of context. Bulletproof is not just a fun coffee to drink, it’s a lifestyle. That’s what most people don’t understand. In order to benefit the most from this coffee, one should drink it the way it’s meant to be consumed. On an empty stomach away from other foods (especially carbohydrates/sugars), or pair it with high quality sources of protein and vegetables. But here we are, ordering up our Bulletproof with a side of muffin, scone, or cookie!

Let’s take a moment here and get educated on how the body works. There are some key hormones that run the show when it comes to fat gain. The main one you should be familiar with is insulin. Among other things, it is a fat storing hormone. Insulin is called upon when we consume carbohydrates. It helps to shuttle all that glucose into our cells for energy, and the excess goes into storage. But when you consume an abundance of fat (yes, even the good stuff!) it can also set off a hormonal cascade that will cause fat gain. So excess carbs can make us fat, excess fat can make us fat, but an excess of fat and carbs together can REALLY make us fat fast!

If you’re consuming your Bulletproof as it’s traditionally made (1-2 tbsp of butter, 1-2 tbsp of oil), you’re adding about 250-500 extra calories onto your daily consumption. Over time that adds up! Calories are absolutely not the main controlling factor in weight gain, however they do play a role. So if you’re adding a fatty coffee to your diet, then you must compensate by taking something OUT. That something should be a carbohydrate, especially with your breakfast, the meal you’re consuming your coffee with.

So what should you do? Well there’s a few options. You could try a Bulletproof coffee as your sole source of calories in the morning. Many people do this in conjunction with intermittent fasting. They consume no food other than the fat in their coffee until lunch time, then they have a big nutrient packed, whole food lunch and dinner. Alternatively, you could have your Bulletproof with a protein packed breakfast and skip the carbs. Try 2 or 3 eggs sauteed with a few handfuls of kale, that should keep you full and happy for hours! And lastly, try having your Bulletproof pre-workout. It’s a great fuel source and will keep your body in fat burning mode. Win win! Then post workout make sure to fill up on plenty of protein, greens, and perhaps a small amount of whole food carbs, depending on the intensity of your workout.

Bottom line: The fat in your coffee is not necessarily the issue. It’s HOW you’re consuming it.

Still confused? Need more advice? Contact me and I’d be happy to help!


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