Fitness Is My Catalyst

You know that saying “Abs are made in the kitchen”? I think it’s completely true. What we eat directly affects our body composition and overall health MORE than how much we exercise. BUT…fitness is very often the driving force behind making dietary changes. I know it is for me.

I used to think, why do people always start their fat loss goals with the intention to exercise more. Don’t they KNOW?! But then I took a look at my own habits and I realized that when I’m not exercising consistently, my food choices tend to slide a bit. I’m not as motivated to eat super healthy because I don’t feel energetic and vibrant. When I feel great, I want to eat great. And the one thing that makes me feel really great is MOVEMENT! (cue lightbulb) BING!

So now when I’m working with clients who have come to me just for nutrition, I will always talk about exercise as well. The beauty of getting regular movement into your day is that it bleeds into so many other areas of your life as well. You sleep better, you’re more productive at work, you’re happier, your energy improves, and your mind is more focused and clear. It’s brilliant!

Being able to move our bodies is a blessing. We have these brilliant machines that can do SO much! It is really a dishonour and disservice if you don’t give your body the movement it expects and deserves. It’s hard to love our bodies isn’t it? We hate those stretch marks, those wrinkles, and that cellulite. But guess what? Exercise WILL make you love your body. You will appreciate it more, and it, in turn, will appreciate you!

If you have something in your life that you want to improve on, it can be anything: your professional development, keeping your house tidier, your love life…start with exercise! It can truly be the catalyst, the driving force, behind ALL the positive actions you take to better your life.

If you’re lucky enough to be living in the Campbell River area, check out my kettlebell classes or my Personal Training services. Take care and get MOVING!

In Wellness, Krista Boulding

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