Introverts Can Lead Too!

I failed high school gym…twice. Yes, you read that correctly, and I can’t believe I just admitted that publicly! How is that even possible? LOL. Trust me, it is!

So how did I become the fitness loving personal trainer/kettlebell instructor/yoga teacher who owns a gym?? Well it’s not that I hated fitness, I actually really enjoyed exercise, I just hated high school, and I really hated co-ed gym class! So I skipped more than I went, and as a result, I failed it. I loved running, and I loved working out at the gym. But I was an introvert by nature, so force me to play a team sport like volleyball or basketball, and I’m going to say “uh, NO!” To this day, it still makes me queasy just thinking about it. I’m a solo kinda girl, always have been, always will be. But I’ve learned to harness my introvert nature and turn it into a strength. 21 years post high school and I’d still rather eat dirt than play a team sport, but I LOVE the solo stuff!

I compete against myself. Whether it’s a kettlebell workout, or bettering my yoga practice, I know that it’s just me, and I find that hugely comforting. I know there are others out there who are just like me. In fact I’ve met many of them in my own gym. And that’s exactly what my intention was. I wanted to create a space where people felt welcome, where the classes are small and the competition is minimal. I didn’t want loud, I didn’t want big, I didn’t want pushy. I wanted a place that was welcoming, inviting, safe, and nurturing. A place that even the introverts would feel at home. I understand the anxiety that people feel when they try something new. It’s HARD to get out of your comfort zone! Now don’t get me wrong, the workouts are still very challenging and sweaty, but it’s the approach that’s different.

I’m continuously challenged every single day as I try to expand my business, my knowledge, and my experiences. I need plenty of solitude to counter the social aspect of my work. But I do it anyway because I LOVE IT. I’m so deeply passionate about kettlebells, yoga, and nutrition that I’m willing to push through some discomfort, dry mouth, and nausea in order to teach a new class, to do a public lecture, to learn a new skill. I will always be an introvert, and I accept that now. I understand the balance I need to create in my life in order to stay healthy and happy.

I hope that for those introverts out there who struggle as I did (and still do), know that I understand you and I empathize with you. Don’t try to fight it. Instead, embrace it. Find your inner strength and harness it. Exercise is a great place to start. I don’t think I’d have the confidence I have today if it weren’t for fitness. So find something that calls to you and give it a try. Introverts can actually benefit a lot from exercise. It gives you energy, confidence, alone time (which we love), and it can get you out of your head for awhile. If you live locally you can always come to my gym and give kettlebells a try! Or perhaps even a private session or two before finding the courage to come to class. And if not, I’ll bet you can find something in your area that would suit you too.


On the outside, it’s relaxed and calm. On the inside, an entirely different story!
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