5 Ways To Break Out of a Fitness Rut

If you’re anything like me, you get bored of routine very easily! I think it’s my Gemini nature 😉 I am the worst at following a set workout plan because I LOVE variety and I try to always use my body’s intuition when it comes to exercise. For me that means I know I’m GOING to workout and at what time, but I don’t always have a PLAN.  (I know, it’s crazy considering I’m trainer, lol) But some people can’t operate that way, they NEED to know exactly what they’re doing every day, week in and week out. Either way, whether you’re a gym rebel like me, or a strict planner, you can sometimes find yourself in a bit of a rut.

Even a die hard fitness lover such as myself can get bored of exercise. Have you been following the same routine for months and struggling with your motivation? Or maybe you’re motivated and consistent but the results just aren’t there anymore. If this sounds like you, it’s time to shake it up!

Here are 5 Simple Ways to Get Yourself Out of a Fitness Rut:

  1. Try Something New – this seems super obvious, but it’s amazing how many people get into a comfort zone and are either afraid, or just don’t know what else to do. If this sounds like you, I would highly encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and take a new class or get yourself a new weight lifting program. Need someone to go with for encouragement? See #4 😉
  2. Lift HEAVIER – again, we so often get into a comfort zone and don’t want to put in that extra effort, get super sore, or “bulk up” too much. Well let me tell you, if you continuously do the same routine or rotation of exercises without going up in weight, and you can’t recall the last time you had some muscular discomfort, you need to ramp it up!! Ladies, listen up – lifting heavy weights is not going to make you bulky! Whats it IS going to do is rev your metabolism and make you feel empowered and amazing!
  3. Try HIIT training – High Intensity Interval Training is a super fun and challenging way to workout. You can easily take the same fitness routine you’re doing and simply up the tempo! Weather you bike, run, walk, or lift weights, you can do short burst intense sets followed by rest periods to really rev the metabolism and challenge the body in a new way. For example: If you always run the same route at the same pace, try tossing in some sprints. Go super fast for 1 minute, and slow your pace for 2 minutes. Repeat that for as many rounds as you can handle! OR, if weight lifting is your jam, create supersets where you combine 2-4 exercises back to back with no rest. Then take a minute to relax, and repeat for 3-4 rounds.
  4. Team up with a friend – Nothing pushes you to new heights than working out with a buddy. I run faster, lift heavier, and rest less when working out with a friend. Just make sure it doesn’t turn into a dual of the egos, and you end up competing with each other! Healthy competition is good, but make sure you’re still staying within a safe effort level for your capabilities.
  5. Take a break – Last, but certainly not least, sometimes we just need to STOP. When’s the last time you took a week off? Not including when you were ill or injured! If you’re feeling the fitness blahs, take a week and do some restorative movement such as stretching, foam rolling, yoga, or couch surfing 😉 Sometimes our bodies simply need some downtime. If you’re a real fitness zealot, this may sound like blasphemy! But trust me, if you’re struggling to find your mojo, resting could be your ticket back to fitness. Listen to your intuition on this, shut off the fitness police in your head. You are not a “bad” or “lazy” person for doing nothing!

One more bonus tip for you! If your fitness rut has got you unmotivated to workout at all and you need some accountability, someone to push you in the right direction, hiring a Personal Trainer might be just the thing you need!

OK, so I hope I’ve given you some ideas to put some pep back in your fitness routine! If you have any questions or comments please let me know!

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