We’re More Than Happy to BE Thin, But We’re Definitely Not Happy DOING Thin

How many of you are on a quest to lose weight? Or at the very least really WANT to lose weight, but can’t seem to stick with the rigidity of a weight loss program? I’m guessing everyone right?

I want you to think back to your last diet, or maybe you’re on one right now. Were you, (or are you) happy doing it? Did it make you feel good? Or were you agonizing over the food you couldn’t eat and counting down the days until it was “over”. Diets are temporary my friend, and they’re actually REALLY unsuccessful. In fact, there is research that indicates dieting will actually make us MORE fat in the long run. Hmmmm, makes you think doesn’t it?

We want thinness SO bad. We want it so much so that we’ll strive to some pretty crazy lengths in order to achieve it. I can almost guarantee that NO ONE is happy when they’re dieting. No one is happy when they’re faced with restrictions, rules, deprivation, constant hunger, cravings, and a lack of pleasure.

In my Nutrition Coaching certification, they teach us coaches to ask one simple question to our clients: “How’s that working for ya?” And if in all honesty, it’s NOT working well, then clearly something needs to change!

So let me ask you, are you willing to be unhappy in order to force your body into a weight that may not actually be sustainable or natural for you? And IF you achieve that weight, are you willing to fight tooth and nail just to keep it? And would you even truly be happy at that point? Just take a moment to reflect on that…we think weight loss will bring us joy, we think for some reason that it’s the key to our happiness, and being smaller will somehow unlock the life we’ve always dreamed of.

But, if what it takes to get us smaller makes us miserable in the process, and when (or IF) we get there, we’re also miserable maintaining it, WHY THE HECK ARE WE DOING IT?? And will it honestly change your life for the better? If you really dig deep, it’s just happiness that most people seek. So if we’re not happy trying to get thin, and we’re not all that happy if/when we get there, then why do we choose dieting as a road to happiness?? Take another path ladies! There are MANY routes to happiness, MANY.

Maybe this quote will bring things into perspective for you. ” …even if everyone in America exercised regularly, meditated daily, and ate nothing but brown rice, broccoli, and tofu, many people would still be fat, and most bodies would be heavier than the ones glorified in our culture.” ~ Linda Bacon, Health At Every Size

Despite what we think, we have far less control over the weight our body wants to be at. Does that mean we just need to throw in the towel? No of course not! Exercising and eating nutrient dense foods have proven health benefits. So we definitely need to add these into our daily practice. But do them for the sake of your well being, NOT for weight loss. Your body’s weight will regulate itself based on what is most natural for it.

So my advice to you is – control what you can, and let the rest of that sh*t go. Trust me, you’ll be WAY happier!!

In Wellness, Krista

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