Pursue Self Acceptance NOT Weight Loss

Perhaps I’ve said this before in a myriad of ways, but it’s worth repeating. WE ARE LESS IN CONTROL THAN WE THINK WHEN IT COMES TO WEIGHT LOSS.

I am feeling frustrated lately. Let me tell you, it is NOT easy to work in the field of nutrition and fitness when you DON’T promote weight loss. Because what else sells?? Let me ask you, if you saw an ad for nutrition or fitness coaching promising that you could lose 20 lbs, feel light in your body, lose the bloat, feel sexy, happy, and energized, would you sign up? Or at least be VERY tempted? I’m pretty sure the answer is YES. I know I would!

But here’s the thing, I KNOW it doesn’t work. And I refuse to play on people’s emotions in order to sell my services. So I don’t promote weight loss. In fact I try to encourage people NOT to make that a goal, but rather to focus on other areas of their lives. I promote WELLNESS. Lower your stress, meditate, learn how to breathe, journal, move your body in ways that feel good to you, don’t restrict food, find your intuition, learn to accept yourself. But hey, let’s face it, that stuff doesn’t sell. Wellness isn’t sexy. But here’s the thing, if you focus on Wellness you can also feel energized, sexy, happy, and light. But WILL YOU LOSE WEIGHT?? I have NO idea. NONE. I don’t know how your body will react to the action steps you take. Your body is not a calculator. We can’t just subtract X and add Y to get the same answer. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.

I just read an article recently about what it actually takes to burn enough calories in order to see some significant changes in weight just through exercise alone. Let’s just say, it’s ALOT. More than most people have time for, or are even willing to do. Same with food. How much are you willing to cut out…forever? If your sole focus is weight loss, you will be sadly disappointed my friend. Frustrated, angry, bitter, depressed, and sad.

Is that how you want to live out your life? In the constant pursuit of the proverbial tangling carrot? Stop chasing weight loss and just LIVE.

I teach and encourage my clients to steer away from weight loss goals and instead focus on their ACTIONS and their MINDSET. Be consistent with sleep, movement, eating intuitively, tuning out the diet culture noise, journalling, and RELAXING. And guess what happens? They get happy!

Every trainer and nutrition coach has a dozen transformation pictures on their website. I don’t. It doesn’t mean I haven’t transformed many lives and bodies. I absolutely have! But I can’t stand the glorification of weight loss to sell my services. I refuse to buy into it. I’ll post about a client who made strength gains, who is finally sleeping through the night, who has reduced their stress levels, and who has gained more confidence. Can you really see that in a picture? Maybe. But more importantly, MY CLIENTS CAN FEEL IT. And that’s all that matters to me.

My advice to you in your pursuit of nutrition and fitness is to make changes because you WANT to do them, because they bring you joy, happiness, and health. Never take action solely for the pursuit of weight loss. Because like I said, we actually have VERY LITTLE control over how our body will respond to these changes. Pick actions steps such as adding more vegetables to your diet, going to bed a little earlier, drinking enough water, or gaining strength in the gym. Let your body respond to these changes without judgement. You’ll be much better off, and so much happier, to pursue self acceptance instead of weight loss.

In Wellness,


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