Should You Skip Your Workout If You’re Too Tired?

We’ve all been in the cycle of wanting to workout, but being too tired to do it.  We know exercise is good for us and that a workout will actually give us energy, but rest is just as equally important for our health, right?! So how do you know when to push through being tired and get your butt to the gym, and when to pull the covers over your head and get some extra sleep?

It can be tough to distinguish between being tired or unmotivated and being deeply exhausted. Both make it difficult to stay true to our goals and get ourselves to the gym. So I’ve come up with 6 signs to watch for, so you can really know when it’s OK to skip your workout.

  1. You’re consistently getting less than 5-6 hours of sleep every night
  2. Your body aches and you don’t feel like you recover well after exercise
  3. You’re going through a deep emotional crisis
  4. You seem to be catching every cold/flu that comes your way
  5. The thought of even a walk around the block nearly brings you to tears
  6. Your workout leaves you feeling even MORE exhausted, not energized AT ALL

Generally speaking, there are two types of people, those that hit snooze at the slightest sign of being tired, and those that are relentlessly committed to their workout schedule. When fitness becomes a regular part of your life, when it’s a lifestyle and not a temporary means to an end, we don’t want to skip our workout very often. In fact, we can be so overcome with guilt that we ignore the exhaustion, push through, and force ourselves to get it done.

If you fall into the “push snooze” category, then my advice would be to really check in with yourself. Be honest, are you using your tiredness as an excuse because you’re simply being lazy? Or are you genuinely exhausted? This goes for those that workout in the evening as well. Being tired after work is normal. Don’t mistake that for a valid reason to skip the gym and head to the couch!

And on the other end of the spectrum, if you’re a bit hardcore with your routine, go through the above 6 signs and see if any of them ring true. One missed workout WILL NOT set you back. In fact, an entire week off, won’t even set you back. If you’re truly exhausted and going through a difficult time, you need to honour your body and rest. Your goals can wait.

Bottom line, making fitness an integral part of your life is extremely important for overall health. One day off here and there is fine. If you tend to use the tired excuse a little more often than necessary, it’s time to reassess your goals. And if you’re ignoring your exhaustion a bit too much and not honouring yourself, let go of the guilt and take that much needed time off.

Which camp do you fall into? Let me know!

In Wellness, Krista


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