My Top 7 Favourite Tools For An Effective Home Workout

Home workouts are really trending right now. It’s not surprising given how busy most people are these days! Trying to schedule a Personal Trainer, being able to afford it (hey, I realize how expensive it can be!), and then driving to the location – these are all major road blocks to your fitness success! But imagine if you never had to go anywhere, if all you needed was a small space, a few pieces of equipment, and a bit of motivation? You could literally workout in your PJs before the kids got up! Now doesn’t that sound amazing! The problem is that most people aren’t sure where to start. They’re not sure if bodyweight exercises are sufficient, and if not then what should they get. I personally think bodyweight exercises are amazing and can be very effective, however there is only so much you can do. There comes a point where you will want and need more. So I decided to compile a list of my 7 Favourite Tools For An Effective Home Workout to give you a bit of direction. I hope you enjoy the list and find some inspiration in it!

  1. Bands – I absolutely LOVE bands! They’re so versatile and convenient to use at home or when travelling. I highly recommend a good set of tube bands with handles that you can interchange to add or reduce resistance. I also CANNOT workout without my mini bands! These babies are amazing for glute activation exercises, but I also love them for some upper body moves as well.
  2. Dumbbells – these are absolutely essential if you want to increase the load and volume of your training. As I stated above, there are only so many body weight exercises you can do before you begin to plateau. It’s imperative that you have a variety of dumbbell sizes if you want to continue to progress.
  3. Kettlebells – Of course this list would never be complete with kettlebells! They’re an amazing tool to add some fun to your workout! PLUS kettlebells bring a great mix of cardio and strength into your routine. Many people ask if dumbbells and kettlebells are interchangeable and if it’s necessary to have both. There definitely are some exercises that you can swap one for the other, a bent over row for example. But many exercises, such as the kettlebell swing, clean, or snatch, are very specific to the use of a kettlebell and will feel so much smoother than trying to swing a dumbbell!
  4. Stability Ball – Stability balls are a great tool for core work. I love using them to challenge my body in unique ways. I am honestly NOT a fan of doing focused core exercises, I just find it boring! So that’s why I like to throw in a challenge by using the stability ball. A couple of my favourite go to moves are a stability ball roll out and jackknives. The other added bonus with the ball is that you can use it as a seat or lie down on it when lifting weights.
  5. Step – A step can take a regular exercise and make it harder, PLUS you can use a step for a great cardio HIIT routine. I’m not talking old school step aerobics here 😉 I love doing box jumps, deficit reverse lunges, straddle jumps, and elevated burpees…just to name a few. Also, a step makes a great bench to lie down on when performing a chest press, skull crushers, or any other upper body exercise normally performed on a bench.
  6. Yoga Mat – this is obviously a necessity if you plan on adding some yoga or stretching into your workout plan, which of course I highly recommend! But it’s also great to have as a mat during your workout to protect your knees, elbows, and of course, your floors!
  7. A Plan!! – OK, so now you have all the equipment, but what do you actually DO wth it?? And how do you keep yourself accountable? This is where Online Group Training can really help. Group?? But I’m alone! Yes, this is true, but not online! You actually have the guidance and support of all the other people who are doing the program too! Plus you have access to your trainer for support and accountability the entire time! It’s a brilliant system!

I hope you found this list helpful! If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me! And if you know a friend who would benefit from this list, pass it along!

P.S. Check out my FAV PRODUCTS for links to some of the equipment listed above. At the very least, it will give you a visual idea of what I’m referring to!

In Wellness, Krista

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