28 Day Wellness Bootcamp

High-Res.-PNG-FileIf you want to improve your energy, love your body, increase your mental clarity, sleep better, reduce inflammation, and just be happier, then you’ve come to the right place!

The purpose of this “bootcamp” is to really focus in on your health by implementing small changes and making them regular habits. In these 28 days you have the opportunity to nurture every part of your mind and body. You’ll be given the guidance and tools to adopt lifestyle changes that will improve your health and increase your vitality!

The Program:

Week 1 – Mindset shifts and Setting Goals

Week 2 – Let’s Talk Food and Movement!

Week 3 – Get Stress Under Control

Week 4 – Longterm Strategies For Success

You will have access to a private Facebook group where we will have weekly video chats, daily accountability check ins, and a chance to meet amazing like minded, health seeking individuals like yourself!


**NOTE** ~ This program is NOT about weight loss. If you’re looking for a a quick fix “diet” to shed some weight, this program is not for you. The 28 Day Wellness Bootcamp will empower you to love the body you’re in no matter what it’s size. Happiness and balance are what you’ll find here, not deprivation and calorie counting. The food guidelines are in place to encourage you to eat energy and vitality enhancing foods that will make your body smile! Everything in this program comes from a place of love and abundance, no restrictions necessary!

Next Start Date: JAN 2018            Registration – Closed


What are people saying about the program??

Hands down my body feels better, has more energy … My hubby and I are certainly eating far healthier (I thought we were pretty healthy!) thanks to this Challenge. Enjoying this journey – thanks team! ~ M. H.

So far, so good! Each bootcamp seems to get a bit easier – maybe it’s because I know how good I’ll start to feel soon ~ Marlo Z.

I found the format effective with the weekly start up info and links to various areas. I found the info easy to review, not ‘too’ much to absorb and integrate. Enjoyed the meditation links etc, it’s nice to have those available and less to think about when we are prepping and planning good food! Sorry this is so long, really recommend this to anyone and I will be carrying on with it and hope to continue with whatever comes next when you decide to start the next segment.  This feels like real thoughtful, sensible and do-able lifestyle reset ! ~ Lisa G.

Another great bootcamp complete and by far, this one was the easiest…eat real unprocessed foods, exercise, maintain stress, and LOVE yourself! Each time I participate in one of your bootcamps, these practices become more and more of a lifestyle, not just a month long bootcamp. Thanks again! ~ Cori B.

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