If you want to shed some weight, improve your energy, eat delicious food, increase your mental clarity, sleep better, and reduce inflammation, then you’ve come to the right place!

The purpose of a “bootcamp” is to really focus in on your health by following a set plan and purpose. It is giving the body a chance to reset and actively strive for optimal health. In these 21 days we have the opportunity to nurture every cell in our body. We can avoid foods which may be creating digestive disturbances, inflammation, mood fluctuations, or hormone imbalances, and adopt lifestyle changes that will improve our health and increase our vitality!

The Gist:

  1. Eat only real unprocessed foods
  2. Avoid sugar, dairy, gluten, and alcohol
  3. Try new recipes
  4. Meditate
  5. Move your body daily through various movement flows – videos included!
  6. Access to a Private Facebook Group
  7. Accountability and Support
  8. Make friends and connect with like minded people!

Next Start Date: Sept. 18/17

Cost: $49

How to Sign Up:

Email ME To get on the list!

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