Macronutrient Low Down

As a follow up to my Calories blog, I'd like to discuss macronutrients. Macros are simply the categories our food falls into: proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. There is no question that we need all three, it's just a matter of how much, and where we get them from. I believe there's value in having an … Continue reading Macronutrient Low Down

Should We Count Calories? And how many do we really need anyway?

Oh boy, this topic...seriously?! Why would I even write about this?? The thought of it makes me roll my eyes. BUT! Believe it our not, this issue is still an issue, and it's STILL confusing for many people. So I feel it is my duty to set some things straight. (Most of the information below … Continue reading Should We Count Calories? And how many do we really need anyway?

Become a Glowing Goddess from the Inside Out!

The weather is warming and that means less clothing! If you're reluctant to show a little skin, don't worry, I have you (un)covered! Healthy skin means beautiful skin. But it’s really something that can only be achieved from the inside out! All the lotions and potions in the world won’t improve your skin’s appearance. You … Continue reading Become a Glowing Goddess from the Inside Out!

Group Accountability Is Where It’s AT

In my last post I wrote about setting goals for the New Year. It is imperative that we write things out in detail and really take the time to plan and get specific. However, a huge part of goal success actually has nothing to do with how well you write them out, but rather if you … Continue reading Group Accountability Is Where It’s AT

To “Resolution” OR Not…

Are you a resolution-er? I was on the fence about it for a long time. I'd just blow it off, thinking it was kind of lame. Who follows through with them anyway, right? They're usually proclaimed haphazardly, after the third glass of wine and 10th dip into the box of chocolates. But then I realized … Continue reading To “Resolution” OR Not…

Is the fat in your coffee making you fat?

  Butter and MCT (coconut) oil in your coffee, whipped into submission. Creating a frothy, creamy, to-die-for morning beverage. Everyone is jumping on the fat filled coffee bandwagon. Bulletproof coffee, created by Dave Asprey, is hitting the world by storm. It's popping up in coffee shops all over the place. Everyone is whipping it up … Continue reading Is the fat in your coffee making you fat?

Just Eat The Whole Damn Banana!

  Have you ever obsessed about what you should and shouldn't be eating? Like who hasn't right?! Generally speaking women are concerned with fat loss as their main goal when looking to make some changes to their diet. The first thing we typically do is make some cutbacks. Maybe one piece of toast instead of … Continue reading Just Eat The Whole Damn Banana!

We Must Build a Solid Foundation

I turned away a client today. She came to me for personal training/fitness classes. She was exhausted, stressed, unmotivated but desiring change, and generally just feeling lost. After discussing what it was she was looking for in terms of fitness, we started talking about the rest of her life. How well she slept, how much … Continue reading We Must Build a Solid Foundation

Food is just food

Please excuse me while I hop on my soap box for awhile. Why do women feel that the answer to their fat loss troubles are expensive programs with prepackaged products that take away their freedom of choice, that forces restrictions, counts calories, undernourishes, and deprives? Why are we taking this reductionist view and seeing food … Continue reading Food is just food