Kettlebells are an amazing and versatile way to enhance your fitness level! Take your training to the next level and learn how to use this simple yet challenging tool. Classes are open to all levels of men and women, even if you’ve never used a kettlebell before.





Early Bells – a fun and fast paced early morning class. Expect plenty of challenging and heart pumping swings, squats, burpees, and more! Start your day off with a good sweat!

KB Kardio – This class is focused on getting the heart rate up. It’s a conditioning style class with plenty of kettlebell swings and high intensity intervals to get you sweating and gasping for breath!

Strength & Stretch – As you can tell by the name, this class has 2 components. It is a blend of kettlebell strength exercises and stretching. We will warm up the body with some traditional Sun Salutations and then do a short strength session, followed by yoga postures that focus on the same areas used in the workout. It’s always a great class that leaves you feeling balanced and strong!

Glutecamp – The name says it all! We will use a variety of kettlebell, barbell, and bodyweight movements to target our posterior. We will balance it out with plenty of core focused work as well! While this is a super fun and highly effective way to firm up the backside, it is also an excellent way to decrease back pain and improve posture. The glutes are highly under-utilized and are a key muscle group in SO many functional daily movements.

Group Class Rates:

First class is always FREE

Unlimited Month Pass – $100

12 Month Contract (unlimited classes) – $80/ month

10 Punch Pass – $120

20 Punch Pass – $200

Drop In – $15

Early Bells Month Pass – $75

Early Bells 10 Punch Pass – $95

Early Bells Drop In – $12

West Coast Muscle Members:

Drop In – $10

25% off any memberships or punch passes above.


All Kettlebell Classes are held at West Coast Muscle & Fitness.

1121 Ironwood St. Please park in the gravel lot to the left of the building. (and be mindful of the potholes, drive slowly!)




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