Strong AF (And Functional) Online Fitness Coaching

Ladies! Do you want to get STRONG ‘AF’ ?? What does that mean exactly?

Confident. Empowered. Capable. Body Aware. Moving Well. And Authentically YOU!

And what if I told you that you can achieve all of that while working out on your own, at the convenience of your own schedule, without getting bored, losing momentum, or quitting before you see any results?

The Best Part: I’ll show you how to do it safely, give you variety, and keep you accountable and motivated ~ WITHOUT the expense of one on one training!

You don’t need a lengthy program to see results. In fact, whether you’re at home or in the gym, all you really need is some basic equipment, a little space, and a small chunk of time. But most importantly, you need commitment, drive, and the DESIRE to make change and step out of your comfort zone!

There are so many programs you can buy online these days, but the one thing I found was that I’d buy them and never do them! They lack follow through and accountability! They lack motivation and connection. I have several folders on my computer of programs I’ve bought and never used. You know why? Because once you purchase and download them, you never hear from the trainer again. There’s no check in. There’s no follow up, there’s no engagement.

Well I’m here to solve that problem. I understand what it’s like to waste money on programs that lack follow through. Programs that offer no support and make you feel just as alone and just as frustrated as when you purchased them.

This is NOT just another program you’ll lose on your laptop…


I will be with you every step of the way so you’re never left feeling alone and unsupported! With the Strong AF program you get: 4 weeks of custom designed workouts for YOUR body and YOUR goals. Complete with video tutorials that clearly show proper form, a message centre where we can chat and troubleshoot any concerns, and you’ll have accountability and support directly from me, your Personal Trainer! 

Here’s what others are saying about the program:

“I did 3 workouts a week, and consistently kept it up for the whole month.  The explanation for each exercise is very clear and easy to follow as it includes both written and video instructions.  Krista was always “there” so I felt accountability as well as fully supported at all times.  I could track my weekly progression and by the end of the 4 weeks I saw a huge improvement in my strength and ability to smoothly work thru each workout.  It is like having a personal trainer with you for every workout!!”

I also offer in person Personal Training too, so I know how a person’s budget can affect their ability to train with me. That’s why I wanted to offer another way to help people! I also understand that people are busy, and I can’t always match my schedule to theirs. Again, online coaching is THE best solution. You get to workout at a time that suits you, which makes it much easier to stick with in the long run!!

Now we all know that fitness is really only half the equation right? That’s why as a BONUS, I will also give away my secrets to building your healthiest, most resilient self! You will receive my Wellness Warrior Nutrition & Lifestyle Guide, complete with tons of advice and recipes that will have you seeing results and feeling amazing in no time!

For ONLY $99/month you will get everything that we have just been talking about!

This price includes:

  1. A personalized fitness program with proper progressions specific to your body.
  2. Accountability check ins to make sure you stay on track.
  3. Direct messaging to me for daily support.
  4. Exercise video tutorials
  5. 1 private video chat every 2 weeks
  6. Continuous support online throughout your entire journey.
  7. Motivation & FUN
  8. BONUS: Wellness Warrior Nutrition & Lifestyle Guide

You get ALL of THIS for just $99/month! 

**You must commit to a minimum of 3 months and then from there you can decide what to do. Why? Because change doesn’t happen over night, and nor does it happen in a single month. If you’re truly committed to your health & wellness, you need to stick things out and give it all you’ve got! After 3 months, you have the option of staying on (which I know you’ll want to do!) or leave the program. It’s entirely your choice!


Remember, this is the plan with built in accountability. This is NOT the same program you bought a year ago and never used! I will personally be there to support and guide you along the way, and to make sure you don’t get left behind. I will personally created ALL the the workouts and tailor them for you! YOU GOT THIS! We can do it together!

Here’s another testimonial from a busy working mom of 2 kids:

“The program was well designed, well suited for my needs, and the demonstration videos were immensely helpful. Krista’s prompt response to questions was greatly appreciated. I loved having the flexibility of being able to do my workout on my own time, and sometimes in pyjamas! I would highly recommend Krista’s online training program. Thank you, Krista!” 

Are you ready to do this??


Feel like you need more nutrition support? No problem! I can customize you a Macronutrient Program specific to your needs and goals, and provide you with accountability tracking and monitoring of your food intake. PLUS you can either use my software, or link your MyFitnessPal account to my software to log your food intake too! You can get this extra service provided on top of your Fitness program for ONLY $50 extra per month. That’s $149 total.


Questions and concerns? No worries, I got you! Just email me directly and I’d be happy to chat about any concerns you may have!!

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