Personal and Small Group Training

If you’re a woman looking to get fit and learn some weight lifting skills, but need direction and accountability, you need a trainer! I help women gain confidence and strength by incorporating kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, bands, and of course, your own body! If your goal is to get strong and health, I can help get you there!

ALL Private Personal Training packages come with basic nutrition coaching. You cannot see optimal results unless you work on your diet too. Thats why I encourage all my clients to keep a food log. We work together to troubleshoot areas and make small and sustainable changes that fit into their lives – no crash diets or restrictive plans necessary!

Personal Training:

Personal training is done in my home gym, your home, OR ONLINE! If we’re in person, I will provide all the equipment necessary to give you an amazing workout experience. Let me help you reach your goals! Perfect for all fitness levels and experiences.


1 Hour:

4 session – $240 ($60ea)

8 sessions – $440 ($55ea)

12 sessions – $540 ($45ea)

24 sessions – $960 ($40ea)

(ask me about my payment plans!)

Hybrid Package – Includes BOTH In Person and Online Training

This includes in person training sessions in my home gym, or at your house, PLUS 2 additional workouts delivered through my online portal. This allows you to workout on your own at home, or in a gym, at a time that suits you best. You will get a personalized program, but still have in person sessions to ensure you are doing things correctly and to give you the accountability and support you need! $600/12 sessions or $1000/24 sessions

(ask me about my payment plans!)

Semi Private and Small Group Training:

Available in my home gym, OR I can come to you. This is THE perfect solution if 1-1 training is not in your budget. You still get the personalized attention and all the benefits of Personal Training at half the cost! Workout with a friend at a time that suits you!

Semi Private (2 people) – $25/hour per person**

Small Group Training (3 people): $20/hour per person**

**Must commit for a minimum of 1 month and pay for all sessions up front. 10% discount if you pay for 3 months up front**

One Time Training Plan:

Are you looking for a personalized training program to follow? Already have the motivation and the equipment, but lack the knowledge to put together a plan? Let me help you with that! For a one time fee I will create you an effective 4 week workout plan, run you through it so you understand the basics, and you’re on your way! ~ $70

I have been working with Krista as my personal trainer for a few years now. Krista has really helped me become a lot more physically fit. I turned 60 last year and one of the most important things for me is to keep in good physical shape. Working with Krista has enabled me to keep participating in the things I love and even try new things.  Recently I went on a trip to Tofino with my adult children and their friends. We went on a couple of strenuous hikes and I was able, without any problem, to keep up. I also went boogie boarding for the first time and had so much fun! Without the training with Krista I wouldn’t have been able to have such a great time boogie boarding and hiking. Krista keeps the workouts at the right intensity for me and switches thing up so it doesn’t ever become boring. It feels so good to be in shape and also still progressing further. ~ Susan B.

In home Personal Training with Krista is a fantastic alternative for anyone who doesn’t have time for the gym. Focusing on my individual needs, Krista brought all the equipment and left me smiling and feeling challenged. She has been very flexible and accommodating, even bouncing the baby in times of need! My weekly sessions help keep me motivated and I always look forward to our next one.

Thanks Krista!  ~ Kenna W.

Not sure if we’re the right fit for each other? No worries! Let’s book a FREE 3o minute session to find out!

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